Announcing Veterinary Dental Cleanings for Only $219

To provide your pet with the best possible care,
our dental cleaning packages include:
General Veterinary Services

  • Physical exam, Oral exam, & Dental charting
  • IV catheter and fluids
  • Dental cleaning (scaling, polishing, fluoride)
  • Anesthetic monitoring (EKG, BP, etc.)
  • Sedation
  • Gas Anesthesia
  • Dental X-rays
  • Day hospitalization
  • Nail trim

pet dental

By appointment only, call Forever Pet Dental at (503) 621-9107 today!

Forever Pet Dental provides dental and wellness services for an exceptional price that you can trust.

If you ask any other veterinary clinic how much it will cost to get your pet’s teeth cleaned you will not get a simple answer.  You will get questions:  “What’s his age?  Species?  Weight?”  Then you will get a price range that usually goes something like, “Well the cleaning would start at $450 but could go as high as $800 or more depending on if the veterinarian has to take x-rays or if any teeth need to be extracted.  Oh and he’ll need a $45 exam first.”

At Forever Pet Dental we have one simple answer:  Our veterinary dental cleaning packages are always $219.

At Forever Pet Dental we will be eliminating any anxiety that you have about surprise costs.  Our dental cleaning packages are always $219.  There will never be any additional fees unless you request additional services to be rendered (i.e. vaccines, etc.).  At the scheduled pick up time Dr. Myers or an associate veterinarian will be going over any abnormalities on the physical and oral exam, showing you the dental x-rays and any pertinent pictures, and, if necessary, providing you with an estimate for any recommended treatments that can be performed as a separate procedure.

Forever Pet Dental also removes the wait time from veterinary services.  You simply drop your pet off for one day a year to meet all of their wellness needs- vaccines, dental cleanings, exams, ear cleanings, etc.

At Forever Pet Dental our goal is to exceed your expectations!

If you would like to discuss what services you would like performed for your pet, all you need to do is call (360) 859-3790.  We can make it happen!


If you have an emergency regarding your pet, we recommend you contact Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital at (503) 228-7281.