“I never want to take 22 teeth out of a dog again.”
–Dr. Jacqueline Myers

“In my general practice experience every week I performed a surprising number of dental extractions on dogs and cats. Many of these pets were older animals that did not have adequate dental care provided to them previously and so their teeth were in desperate need of attention. These animals likely had dental pain for years that had gone unnoticed. I hope to make a change in the lives of animals by offering pet owners an affordable way to give their furry companions healthy mouths free of dental disease and pain. The need for tooth extraction can be significantly reduced with routine, effective dental care.”

Our mission boils down to the fact that we want to make dental care for animals affordable and available to every pet owner and part of their regular general health routine because it is more important than many pet owners realize.

Pet owners want their animals to live healthy, long, happy lives. At Forever Pet Dental our goal is to help our customers provide that desired life for their pets. We believe that some of the key elements to keeping a pet healthy are dental health care and a great relationship with your veterinary clinic. Forever Pet Dental is committed to exceptional customer service that delights every client and top-quality patient care that caters to each individual need. We offer a range of services to fit every client’s needs at affordable prices and offer state of the art medical technology.

At Forever Pet Dental we are working to change the status quo:

23 percent of dogs and cats with moderate to severe dental disease have no recommendation for a dental cleaning, and it is estimated that 80 percent or more of dogs and cats older than two years have some evidence of dental disease that requires treatment.

We promote annual dental cleanings as part of regular veterinary care because most dogs and cats require at least annual dental cleanings to maintain good oral health.

The American Animal Hospital Association recommends dental cleanings annually after 1 year of age for cats and small dogs, or 2 years of age for large dogs.

We aspire to help people help their pets live a life free of dental pain and disease.

Addressing Your Safety Concerns

Forever Pet Dental is devoted exclusively to dental and wellness care for your pet. Because of this, we will be focusing on your pet’s health and well-being during the dental procedure and recovery time. We also use state of the art monitoring equipment to ensure that your furry family member is safe and well taken care of. We hope that our focus on your pet will reduce any anxiety you may have about putting your pet under gas anesthesia.

General Veterinary Services

Thank you so much for entrusting your beautiful pets to our care. We are excited that we are now able to provide you and your furry family members with a full range of general veterinary services! The core of Forever Pet Dental will remain unchanged and our goal will be to continue to provide affordable dental services for your pets. But many of you have asked us about offering all of the additional services that a general veterinary practice provides and we were listening! Please see our “Services/Prices” page for more information about the care we can provide!

Staff Information:


Dr. Jacqueline Myers:
Veterinarian and Co-founder of Forever Pet Dental

Forever Pet Dental is owned by Dr. Jacqueline Myers and her husband, Clayton Myers. Jacqueline and Clay both grew up in Camas, WA and now live in Brush Prairie, Washington.

Dr. Myers graduated from Camas high school and after her graduation she attended the University of Washington and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Anthropology. At that time she was accepted to the prestigious Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine and graduated with a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine. Jacqueline married Clay Myers after veterinary school and they now have three children to keep them on their toes. They enjoy spending time with family, boating, reading, and going out to the movies.

Dr. Kelsey Quinn, Practice Director, Veterinarian

Dr. Quinn was born and raised in central California. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in general biology from the University of California, San Diego and received her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Tennessee, College of Veterinary Medicine. She fell in love with the Pacific Northwest while on a camping trip, and after graduating from veterinary school, happily made her way out to Portland where she completed an internship with DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital. After completing her internship, Dr. Quinn was thrilled to join the team at Forever Pet Dental and focus on high quality, affordable veterinary dental care. Outside of work, she enjoys camping, hiking, reading, and gardening. She suspects that she may also like cooking but it is still too early to tell…

Dr. Jessica Nelson, Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Nelson was born in Seattle, WA and lived in Vancouver, WA, Chicago, IL, and Little Rock, AR during her childhood. After earning her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign, she realized she missed the topography of the Northwest and decided to attend Oregon State University for her D.V.M. degree. She currently lives in Portland and enjoys taking her dogs, Oliver and Reuben, her three legged cat, Tim, and her boyfriend, Mike, on adventures. These include road trips, hiking, kayaking, SUPing, attending Timbers/Thorns games, and the culinary delights of Portland. 

Dr. Marie Worobets, Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Worobets grew up as the daughter of a Canadian military trauma surgeon traveling around Canada and Europe. Her love for the outdoors led her to spend several years in the Canadian Rocky Mountains where she developed her passion for medicine working as a professional ski patroller at a local ski resort in Banff, Alberta. She then moved to Calgary, Alberta where she completed her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology at the University of Calgary, met her husband, had two children and then completed her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Calgary. Her family is now happy to call Portland home and is very excited that she will be beginning her veterinary career here in the Pacific Northwest with Forever Pet Dental. In her free time she volunteers as a veterinarian at the Portland Audubon Society Care Center, and she enjoys skiing, gardening, painting and exploring the PNW with her family.

Dr. Katie Cambier, Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Cambier is an Oregon native and was born and raised in Pendleton, Oregon. She had a brief stint in the Bay Area where she attended Santa Clara University and received her Bachelor’s degree in Biology. She then went on to receive her Veterinary degree from Oregon State University (go Beavs!). Dr. Cambier has a passion for soft tissue surgery along with dentistry and cannot wait to be a part of the Forever Pet Dental team! She lives with her Bernese Mountain dog, old orange tabby cat, husband, and rambunctious daughter. When she is not busy chasing her toddler around all day she enjoys hiking, visiting her lake cabin in Eastern Oregon, and gardening.